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RecycleVision: Remembering That Idea From DF19

Did you go to Dreamforce this year? It was awesome, right? And do you remember how there was a big focus on the Sustainable Development Goals? And there was a big focus on recycling and what not? Yeah, it was super inspiring. What I found most inspiring about the recycling effort was that there were actual volunteers standing next to every trashcan and recycle bin to help people dispose of things in the correct bin. I couldn’t help but think that was a little weird, but also pretty necessary. Even though we, as a whole planet, have been focused on recycling for decades, we still don’t really get it right. But also, at the biggest tech conference in the world, shouldn’t there be a way to automate this process? And so one afternoon, sitting outside of Moscone South on a picnic table next to one of these recycling areas, I said to my coworker Chris… “Why can’t we just use Einstein Vision to see what’s being disposed of and then open the correct bin? I think we should make that happen.” And then I forgot about it. Until tonight while I was trying to fall asleep, of course. So, why can’t we do that? Well, one… I have no idea how to do that. But I bet I can figure it out! And #100DaysOfTrailhead/#100DaysOfLearning is a great time to do it!

And so begins my quest to build RecycleVision!

Step 1: do this cool Einstein Vision Trailhead Project on how to train a model to recognize cat breeds. Because that’s pretty much like training it to recognize recycling stuff, right? Yes. I’ll check in later. Bye!

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