Salesforce is about more than just Platform as a Service. It’s about giving back to the community, developing useful tools to make people’s lives easier, and lifelong learning.

I’m a Salesforce fangirl, and I fangirl hard.

I don’t want to say that I’m obsessed with Salesforce, but it’s definitely not just a career path. It’s a way of life that I’ve chosen for myself. I know that’s super cheesy, but it’s true. I’m a fan of the platform. I’m a fan of the people. I’m a fan of the whole Salesforce Ohana. I show it with stickers. And shoes. And t-shirts. And SO MUCH SWAG sometimes I can’t even believe it. I show it by telling everyone I know (and don’t know) about how great Salesforce is and why the grass is greener in the cloud. Now I’d like to show it via this blog, Force for Fun. When you really love what you do, it’s not work – it’s fun, and so Salesforce follows me home, around town, and sometimes even follows me into my dreams. This blog is about all of those things. We’ll talk about work, giving back, work life balance, and everything Salesforce. I hope you find it as fun as I do!