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Service Cloud Crochet Block

I'm making Salesforce themed crochet things again! This block is for Service Cloud

With the exception of CRM Analytics, Service Cloud is my favorite Salesforce Cloud. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do! Maybe because its always Sales who gets all the love? I don’t know, but as a #ServiceStar and Service Trailblazer, I of course had to represent! And since Service Cloud is just a heart, this was probably one of the easier blocks to whip up. I didn’t have the greatest colors, but they’ll do! I guess I should probably make a Field Service too because its so cute!



  • White Yarn
  • Dark Pink Yarn
  • Dark Red Yarn

Pattern Notes

This one was fast because of the solid blocks. I made two different sizes of charts. I ended up making the bigger one but now I wish I had done the smaller one 😀.

I crochet this all in single crochet, but you could also make it a C2C square, do like a puff stitch, or… just make it your own! Would love to see the finished product if you make one 😍.

Here’s my finished block:

Well, finished minus all the loose ends 😁.

And here’s how the whole thing is shaping up:

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