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Einstein Crochet Block

I'm making Salesforce themed crochet things again! This block is for Einstein!

I feel like I can’t show my love for CRM Analytics without also showing my love for Einstein. He was actually really hard to figure out because of his hair, and I was trying to do a white background on all the blocks. I ended up using grey instead of white, but then I only had darker greys in my yarn stash. If I was buying yarn for this, I’d try to go waayyyy lighter!



  • White Yarn
  • Several Greys

Pattern Notes

This one was kind of a pain, actually because of the constant color changes with the shading!

I crochet this all in single crochet, but you could also make it a C2C square, do like a puff stitch, or… just make it your own! Would love to see the finished product if you make one 😍.

Here’s my finished block:

Well, finished minus all the loose ends 😁.

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