RecycleVision: Update 2

I’ve gone down a crazy AI rabbit hole. I’ve had a lot of extra time to read and learn. What I’ve learned is that the Einstein Vision API is awesome and I want to play with it so bad. I’ve also learned that I have very few of the skills I need to make that happen… for now. I think this journey is going to be much longer than 100 days!

I started down this fun path where I found Daniel Ballinger’s blog, Fish Of Prey, full of amazingness. He actually used Einstein Vision, along with a motion sensor, a Raspberry Pi, and a sprinkler to detect if cats were in his yard and then spray water at them. How freaking awesome is that?! It was actually through his blogs that made realize how many moving parts there are to this. It got me really excited!

I’m excited because I’ve realized just how useful this technology really is. Yeah, I’m totally going to build a recycling thing, and Daniel totally built a cat deterrent system. What else can we build and imagine for this technology? It makes me remember just how big the Salesforce Platform is. We all use it in our day to day lives for sales or service or marketing, but the same tools we use to make it easier for customers to buy things online could also make it easier for people to impact climate change, and who knows what else! Seriously… It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Chasing my kids, chasing my dreams. Salesforce Junkie (and Architect). Adventurer. Tableau CRM Ambassador. San Diego Salesforce User Group Leader. AmeriCorps Alum. I like dinosaurs, stickers, and learning new things!

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