DF19: What to wear to Dreamforce ’19

I’ve been planning my Dreamforce outfits for MONTHS. Literally. I was never that person before. I always pack at the last minute for everything, usually just grab whatever is clean, and always end up buying the 15 things I forgot. This is my 3rd Dreamforce, so I like to think that I know enough now where I could help other people pack and not forget as many things as I usually do. Here are some fangirl tips from me to you and a few #protips too.

Why Do You Dreamforce?

This is really going to determine the kind of outfits you want to wear. In general, and just like with any other big conference, you want to be comfortable and cool.

Job Seekers

If you are new in the ecosystem and are coming to Dreamforce to try and land your first admin gig, you might want to dress to impress – business casual is always safe for those impromptu job interviews that might happen on your trek up the escalator. There’s also this awesome Dreamforce Career Fair this year! I’m not sure how many people actually get hired AT Dreamforce, but I’m sure it happens, so you should be ready! Because Dreamforce is very spread out over many city blocks you’ll be doing a lot fo walking, possibly running, to your sessions. Walking around in a suit and heels probably won’t be very comfortable for long. Comfy pants (with good pockets!) and a cute jacket seems reasonable. Comfy shoes are key. And for everyone, not just active job seekers – bring extra business cards!

First Timers

Is it your first time at Dreamforce? Congratulations! How exciting!! You’re going to have the greatest time. Get ready for learning and swag and to be more exhausted than you’ve ever been. J/K. But not really. J/K. But seriously… you’re going to be so tired. Because of this – its important to be really comfortable! Like I mentioned for the Job Seekers, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, a little running, and much standing. Comfortable shoes! Comfortable pants! Layers! You need to wear clothes that won’t be uncomfortable under a backpack that gets heavier and heavier throughout the day/week. I’m all about the pockets… I don’t know how it happens but by the end of each day, my pockets are stuffed with stickers, pins, business cards… stuff. If you don’t have good pockets though, maybe reserve a pocket in your backpack for little stuff like that, because you WILL end up with tons of it.

Oldies but Goodies

If you’re an oldie but goodie, you’ll want to pack your favorite Salesforce shirts. I love when people wear user group shirts from their hometowns!


If you’re a fangirl like me, you’re going to want to pack every Salesforce outfit and wear them all at the same time! My Salesforce Ohana Converse, my Lightning Now t-shirt, my custom Ranger Kristi Force For Fun denim jacket loaded up with my Trailhead Wearables… and of course Lightning accessories to show my Lightning love! I’ve taken way too much time to assemble some fun Salesforce fangirl accessories and outfits. I hope to see you at Dreamforce and hope you’ll be sporting some Salesforce Style!

If you are really brave, try some casual Salesforce Cosplay as your favorite character!

See You at Dreamforce!

I’ll be the one who looks like a crazy Salesforce person.

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