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DF22: Stitch With Salesforce

I’m so excited to be hosting a crafting meetup at Dreamforce this year! There are so many crafters in the ecosystem making really cool things, and I wanted to highlight that! If you’re at Dreamforce in-person, this is the craft we’ll be making today at 3:00pm in the Astro Community Campfire area and I have baggies full of the materials you’ll need! If you’re at home, I’ve got supplies for you down below!


Even though we’re going to be stitching Astro, I took inspiration from Trailmoji and bought lots of different shades in the Skein Tones collection so that you can make your Astro whatever colors you want! These are the colors I included in the bags because these are the ones that were available at the store when I went, but there are even more shades online. You’ll want a shade for Astro’s hair, skin, eyes, and hood.

In addition to the yarn, you’ll need a needle, scissors, and a piece of plastic canvas. You could really stitch this on anything, but I thought a sturdy piece of plastic canvas would be good if we had any non-stitchers! I cut the plastic canvas into squares, with 27 holes on the x and y axis.

Get Stitching

And now, thread your needle and get started! I find it easier to do one whole color at a time, but you can do it however you want to. I started with Astro’s face, then did the hair, eyes and finished with the hood. I also found that it looked fuller when I did cross stitch XXXXX instead of just /////. But again – make it your own!

This size square would be perfect to use as a coaster, or when you’re done you could cut Astro out and pin him on a board, use him as a magnet or probably a hundred other things!

Here’s my finished Astro! I think I got lost in Netflix at some point because at the bottom of Astro’s face, my cross stitches are all going different directions 😂.

I can’t wait to see you all and craft with you!

Happy Dreamforce 22!

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