Use the Lightning Design System Icons in your Lucid Chart Diagrams

Give yourself full use of the Salesforce Lightning Design System icons inside of Lucid Chart!

I loooove having the Salesforce Shape Library inside of Lucid Chart. When they announced it at Dreamforce ’21 during the Architect Keynote I could barely control myself and then as soon as it was over, I ran back to my hotel and started playing with it. After a year of playing with it, I still love it and use them almost every day, BUT sometimes I feel a bit limited by the icons they included. Specifically, I really wanted to be able to use the Flow icons, and the Recipe icons from CRM Analytics.

There’s a lot there already, I know

You get Product Logos, which are great, but don’t actually include ALL products:

And then you get roughly those same logos but in icon shape:

You get Industry icons, which I rarely use for the things I make, but they are still fun:

You get Platform Services icons, which I use all the time:

And then some Additional Icons, which I also use all the time:

And even though this is actually a lot of icons, I feel like I NEED MORE! Now that I’m used to making my documentation so pretty and using these icon sets, I really wanted to be able to use ANY icon that I wanted. And, lucky for us, I CAN!

Did you know that you can upload your own Shapes to Lucid Chart and save them in your own libraries? AND did you know that you can download the full set of Lightning Design System icons as SVG files? Well, now you do!

Download the Icon Set

Start here, by downloading the full set of icons from the Lightning Design System Icons page.

Upload Icons to a New Shape Library

At the very bottom of the utility panel in Lucid Chart, you’ll see a big blue button that says + Shape Library. Click that, and you’ll see all the libraries that are available to you, including the Salesforce Architecture Diagrams libraries. At the bottom left hand side of this window, you’ll see an ‘Import shapes’ link. Click on that to start importing! I chose to import each section of the icon library as its own library, but you could also import them all together.

Start Using Your Icons!

Now you have access to all of the icons you could probably ever want! The only downfall to this is that they are all white and on transparent backgrounds, so it makes it a little difficult to find the ones you want at first glance. I use the search bar at the top and search for keywords. You can also rename files before you upload to make searching easier for the ones you use often. I actually LOVE that they are loaded like this as SVG files because I can change the colors to whatever colors I want on the canvas! And you’ll see that you can still lock them into place on the Architect Diagram cards.

Have fun with all your new icons!

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