Friday Fun With Albert: Dynamically Change Your Chart Type Using Bindings and more!

It’s Friday Fun with Albert! Wait, what’s that? On Fridays, Tracie and I meetup to discuss Einstein Analytics. Its a time to ask questions, learn new stuff, and show off cool things that we built during the week. It’s Friday Fun with Albert… because Einstein. Get it? Yay!

We’re working remotely for a while because of all this corona virus stuff, so I figured rather than just having these sessions in a Zoom, we could share on the blog so that others may also partake and learn along with us.

This week a requirement came up to dynamically change the chart type in a dashboard. I had actually already solved for this previously using pages, but because of some other requirements, I need to get all of this on one page so that I can use other pages to drill into something else.

See you next week!