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Crochet as Code: Trailhead Logo

Like a lot of other people in the Salesforce ecosystem, Trailhead is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Its what made me fall in love with the platform and I still try to earn a new badge at least once a week… 300+ and counting! It should come as no surprise to anyone that I would want to try and work Trailhead into my crochet work. Continuing with out Crochet <> Code series, I present the Trailhead logo!

This one took me a lot longer than Astro to figure out. Making things round with pixels is rough on its own, but the Trailhead logo has a lot of curves and a lot of color changes. I worked, ripped out, and reworked it SO MANY TIMES. The one in the picture actually has several mistakes so I definitely need to make another one! Someone on Twitter suggested a Salesforce themed blanket for these blocks, so that might be fun to put together. Maybe I can get them done in time for Dreamforce this year! That would be super fun.

I want to write more about how this is helping me learn apex, but I more so want to just publish this so other people can make them too!!


  • Dark Blue yarn
  • Light Blue Yarn
  • Dark Purple yarn
  • Light Purple yarn
  • Dark Green yarn
  • Light Green yarn
  • White yarn

Pattern Notes

This one has so many color changes! The back of my work got REALLY messy and I got tangled many times. It looks really pretty when it all comes together though!

Just a note on yarn and colors here… I still used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby, and the color selection came in handy here. I don’t think that my color choices are perfect and they might change if I do assemble a blanket or something, but I think they are close enough. I think I might try to put this graph on a hat maybe! That would look really fun, and winter is coming!

Happy crafting, and as always, don’t forget to share your finished products with me! You can post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #forceforfun.

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