We’re Saving Trees by Going Digital

Since it is Earth Day this felt right to blog about today. At Altium, we use DocuSign for many things: renewals, quotes, NDA’s, new hires, etc. This process not only speeds up our contract lifecycle but also makes a major impact on the environment. With many companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, digitizing processes can make a significant dent in that goal.

You can see by the figures above the impact we are making on the environment by just bringing all our signatures into a digital process. We have DocuSign integrated with many business systems such as Salesforce (CRM), DropBox, and HRIS. It easy for our users to use, and even easier for our end users to sign agreements. 

A Use Case

An end-user wants to join the Altium Beta program and to do so they have to fill out some information on our website. There is a Salesforce API that gathers this information and fires off an approval process internally.  Once approved, we have DocuSign listening to pick up that new request and send an NDA. Once signed, that document flows back into Salesforce and automatically adds the user to the Beta Membership. This used to be all done manually via email! The only part where a human is now involved is to approve the request. Everything else is done via the API. This saves us time, and as you can see above, saves a whole lot of paper, water, carbon, and waste.