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happy new year.

Yes, I purposely wrote that in all lower case and ended it with a period instead of an exclamation mark because let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, okay? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to keep your expectations SUPER low and be grateful for all the tiny victories.

With that being said, I have decided to start a new series called “How many times do I have to Google this before it sticks?!” Okay, I am working on a jazzier name but once I explain you will totally get what I am trying to say. Those of you reading this blog are all wonderful Salesforce admins who are experts at what they do (or my mom). You know how to build a custom object at the drop of a hat. Matrix reports make you giddy and multi-picklists fields are created by Satan himself. All common knowledge. And yet, everyday it seems we are faced with challenges that seem to repeat themselves. A user who claims they can’t access a report they once had access to, a picklist value not showing up as an option even though you know it’s there, etc. All of these minor problems add up and no matter how many times you fix them, you still find yourself going, “Wait, how do I fix that again? Nevermind, just let me google it.”

That’s where this series comes in. I have a whole inventory of short how-to videos that will walk any admin through the perils of common problems and how to fix them. No need to constantly google the same phrase over and over again. Just drop on by and look for commons phrases we often find ourselves saying under our breath while anger typing at our keyboards. Today’s video covers Becky, an earnest and eagle-eyed Marketing user who cannot see a field on an Opportunity record. Key phrases one might google to find the answer would be:

  • Field Level Security
  • Page Layout Assignments
  • How badly does a user really need to see a field?
  • Why can’t a user see a field but I can?
  • If I can see sounds, have I had too much coffee today?

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