5 Favorite Plugins for Salesforce Classic

As a Salesforce Administrator I am always looking for ways to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient, not only for my users but also for myself. Contained in this article are my top five favorite plugins for Salesforce that make the everyday life of an admin so much easier. Not all are just Salesforce related either and work on other applications, and some can be used by more than just administrators.

Salesforce Inspector

Available for: ChromeFireFox

This tool is my absolute favorite right now! (Get it while its hot!) This tool allows you to write Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to query your entire database (if you have a large org like mine this is faster than building a report), that is if you know a little SOQL; its also great to use while learning SOQL. If you’re on a certain layout and that layout does not show all the fields, you can quickly show all data for that record, and make edits to the record from there, and jump to related ones as well. Does it do more? Of course! You can download the Metadata, explore the API, View an Org Limit Dashboard, and do Imports/Exports, its pretty amazing!

Salesforce Quick Login As

Available for: Chrome, also available in ⚡

As an administrator logging in as other users in your org is an everyday occurrence, you are making sure the permissions are correct, testing things users are saying do not work, and so on. This tool allows you (right from the screen you’re on) to search your org and find an active user and log right in as them (it even has your saved list views), staying on your current page if they have access. This is great for testing new processes in Sandbox, and confirming bugs in Production!

Salesforce API Fieldnames

Available for: ChromeFireFox 

This tool often comes in handy as I work a lot with Integrations. Being able to explore the API Names of fields right from the record is extremely helpful! Just by clicking a button, all the field names on the current record you are viewing turn into the API Names. This makes it easy to copy and paste that information without having to explore the object fields and having to ctrl+f the field name.


Available for: Chrome 

This is the one and only one that is not directly related to Salesforce (Told you they all were not Salesforce related!) This tool allows you to quickly right click (or for my Mac users two finger click the mouse) and you will see a ColumnCopy option. You’re then prompted to either copy the entire table, or just the column, this tool works awesome when viewing reports, list views, and any html-based table. You can quickly paste this into excel, an email, or a presentation in the same exact format!

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Available for: ChromeFireFox, also available in ⚡

With a big org like the one I am in, we have two Sandboxes and many many developer orgs. This tool allows you to color your Salesforce Logo in the tab to differentiate between Production Instances and Sandbox/Dev Instances (FireFox puts a red box around Production which works well too). Being able to quickly identify Production vs. Sandbox helps make sure you do not start doing development work or adding new fields/validation rules directly in Production without testing in Sandbox first.

These tools have helped me greatly in my role , and I used at least two of these, if not all of them today! I’ll keep you posted on updated plugins for Lightning Experience – stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite extensions for productivity?

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